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2016 - 2017 PRAg Grass Seed Catalogue

PRAg is a well established agronomy business aiming to maximise customer profits through the provision of specialist grassland and arable husbandry advice, as well as the supply of market leading products at highly competitive prices.

Our product range, including our own branded range of premium grass seed mixtures containing Aber HSG varieties, are available to purchase by telephone, e-mail or on-line and the majority of deliveries are hoped to be made within 48 hours. 

2016 - 2017 PRAg HiD Grass Seed Catalogue Out Now!

Barkant 10kg

A winter hardy, highly digestible variety with high dry matter. This is a proven and reliable stubble turnip. Bulbing type. Sowing Rate: 2-3kg/ac
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Bovimint Udder Cream 500ml

* Special Offer* * While stocks last *
£8.40 +VAT

Bovimint Udder spray 500ml

* Special Offer* * While stocks last *
£18.90 +VAT

Crop Boost

PRAg Crop Boost: Complete foliar solution for sustained growth. Crop Boost will encourage healthy growth by aiding the plant's natural defences. Crop Boost is rapidly absorbed through the leaf and into the plant.
From £45.00 +VAT

Double Action EcoCorn Silage Additive (Can)

Double Action Ecocorn is a mixture of MTD/1 and potassium sorbate for treatment of wholecrop and maize silages. Acid and Incolulat all-in-one. If you require a large quantity of this product please contact the office on 01437 781780 and we may be able to offer a discount. 1 can/bag treats 50 tonnes.
£80.00 +VAT

Doxstar Pro 2lt - Dock herbicide

Recommended for use on established grassland. Provides long term control of all species of docks. Controls Docks – Improves Silage 1 unit = 2 ltr
From £44.00 +VAT

Es Picker

In a marginal area? Fed up with producing immature maize? Drilling late?? YOU NEED PICKER:
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Gallup / Clinic Ace - 20L (Glyphosate)

Active Ingredients: 360g/L glyphosate.
£65.00 +VAT £63.38 +VAT

Hi-D Intensive Graze

An exceptionally hardy, extremely palatable and persistent grass seed mix, suited to a minimum 8 to 10 years duration. Packed with top Diploid Perennial Ryegrasses and Timothy to provide a dense bottom to the sward. Diploids make this mixture ideally conducive to grazing over a very long period. Flexible to make Hay, Haylage or Silage. First choice for combined Sheep and Cattle enterprises. 1 unit = 1 acre = 14kg Delivery INCLUDED in price
From £52.00

Hi-D Overseed plus white clovers

1 unit = 1 acre = 10kg Delivery INCLUDED in price A mixture specifically put together for the purpose of overseeding. A purely large seeded Tetraploid ryegrass mix, designed for rapid growth and competition against existing sward grasses. Plus white clovers
From £38.80

Magnum TMTD & Gaucho

1 unit = 20kg Magnum has a consistent root size and reliable high dry matter yields from white roots. It is very palatable with a high proportion of its roots in the ground and due to its high dry matter content it is more frost resistant than other varieties. Higher dry matter fodder beet has been shown to increase milk yield and daily live weight gain.
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Pro Master 50 High Quality Lawn & Landscape

1 unit = 20kg Delivery INCLUDED in price. HIGH QUALITY HARD WEARING LAWN If you need a high quality and durable turf make Pro Master 50 your choice. It's fine in appearance and hard wearing with excellent colour. Shade tolerant, low maintenance turf, good disease resistance. Low maintenace costs. Successful mix for private, local authority, housing and industrial developments.
From £60.00

Pro Master 51 Hard Wearing Lawn (with Ryegrass)

1 unit = 20kg Delivery INCLUDED in price. PRO MASTER 51 GREENSCAPE HARD WEARING LAWNS (WITH RYEGRASS) If you're looking for a general purpose landscaping and lawns make Pro 51 your choice. Hard wearing, establishes quickly. Contains only turf type perennial ryegrass.
From £43.40

SK 100 Soil PH & Lime Requirement Kit

pH Soiltester and reagents for 50 tests. Clear visual soil pH testing with no requirement for calibration or maintenance.
£89.55 +VAT
Have you assessed your swards for grazing and silage? At PRAg we specialise in maximising the potential from your grass. 2015 will be more important than any other year to get the most Milk and Meat from grass. Is it creeping bent and meadow grass in your silage swards, that's produced the 10.5 ME, increasing your feed costs and reducing milk performance from silage or DLWG in beef and sheep?
PRAg launches 'MTM' the Slurry revolution. - Thursday, February 05, 2015
PRAg are proud to be supplying 'More than Manure ®' (MTM™) to farmers through out the U.K. 'More than Manure ®' Nutrient Manager, referred to as MTM™ is a concept from crops nutrition where Nitrogen and Phosphate are held for plants to feed over time. It is available to apply to your dairy slurry now.
Fodder beet - Thursday, November 20, 2014
Shiny washed beet now available from PRAG ltd. We can offer clean unwashed beet and squeaky clean washed beet. It's a great source of cheap energy for your cattle or sheep. Give us a call and we'll sort the rest.
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